CraveBowl Logo + a Fire


Quick update on the project I’m working on.

My goal is to launch a vegan meal delivery service. The name is going to be CraveBowl and I finally picked a logo. What do you think of it?  What looks like an arrow is a modified symbol for “grain” from ancient times, and the shape is as if you’re looking down on a bowl (filled with grains). 


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 7.44.56 AM LogoLogo


Whole grains and fresh produce are the core of what I want to serve people, so that’s a big part of why I loved this logo so much. And the simplicity. 

I was supposed to do a small test launch of the service this week, which is why I left NY for CT. But then the restaurant I was working out of was damaged in a fire last week and is currently closed for business. So I’m currently looking for a Plan B! 

So far the hardest part about trying to launch a business is trying to find a cofounder. This is lonely stuff. This best part is how much I’ve learned by doing in just a couple of weeks. Laws. Lots and lots of laws when you’re dealing with food. 

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