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I’m back already. No, I didn’t give up on my food business if that’s what you’re thinking. (And I hope you’re not!)  But I got messages from a bunch of people encouraging me not to stop blogging for various reasons. I don’t have time to do the recipe testing, food photography, and writing as I was before, but I decided I do want to use this space to keep record of what I’m doing with brief updates. 
But before I tell you what I’m doing, I want to start off with why I’m doing it –  (the “it” if you haven’t been following, is quitting my job and starting a vegan food business.) 

How egg-laying hens spend their lives.

Egg-laying hens spend their lives confined in small cages packed with other birds.

I typically try to keep things lighthearted and focus on the positives when talking to people about being a vegan, because I don’t want to push people away or sound judgmental or basically be an unpleasant person. But it’s actually really important to me. 
It’s difficult to talk about this, because I never want to give off the impression that I think I’m doing something great or that I’m morally superior in any way. I’m not. I don’t know if I even believe in universal morals, and I’m pretty sure if you asked my closest friends to describe me, you’d hear the word “selfish” out of every one of them. (And they’d be right!) So keep that in mind if you choose to read this behemoth of a post below. 
Male chicks are of no use in egg farms. So they're thrown into large dumpsters and left to die.

Male chicks are of no use in egg farms. So they’re thrown into large dumpsters and left to die.

I stopped eating meat when I was 9 years old, and I’ve been vegan for the last 8 years. I think healthy eating is great, but my lifestyle choices have always been fueled by a concern for animals. I don’t think you can pick your passion in life, and there’s plenty of injustice in the world to choose from, but the treatment of non-human animals has always been what’s driven, and at some points, consumed me. 
I’m vegan because whenever I can live a full, happy, and healthy life without causing pain to other living beings, I want to try and do that.  Any small sacrifice I make as a result of a vegan lifestyle is just that – small. 
I used to love eating pizza. But when I found out that the cow who produced the milk to make that cheese was locked in a cage her entire life, fed an unnatural diet so that she would overproduce milk, never given the opportunity to roam a field, play with her young, or live any kind of natural life whatsoever…. when I realized that she was treated as a machine and not as the living creature she was, with the capacity to feel pain and sadness….. and that the moment she stopped being able to produce milk, she became worthless to us, and we killed her for it…When I forced myself to confront this truth, being vegan never seemed like an option or a sacrifice. It just became an obvious way of life.
This is how dairy cows spend their entire lives in factory farms - before they're prematurely killed.

Dairy cows spend their lives in cages, hooked up to machines, not allowed to see their young, and are prematurely killed when they stop producing milk.  

I can’t speak for all vegans when I say this – but my efforts aren’t aimed at stopping people from eating meat altogether, and I’m not targeting individual hunters or small farmers. I wish they wouldn’t kill animals, of course, but I’m specifically driven by the horrific treatment of animals in factory farming, which is where most people unfortunately get most of their meat. These are the businesses that are making obscene profits by treating animals like machines; breeding them, torturing them, and killing them in masses. And making so much money in the process, that nobody can do much about it. This is the fight worth fighting. 
Right now, the best way I can think to do this is to show people how healthy, delicious and enjoyable vegan food can be. The tide is already quickly turning. People are starting to eat more plant-based foods, being vegan is no longer a crazy concept, and when it comes down to it – people are good. There’s not many people who want to see animals suffer like this.  I genuinely believe that the more people understand what goes on in factory farms, and the more alternative options we can provide – the sooner factory farms will become nothing more than a shameful part of our history. It’s all about consumer demand, and if we demand better, the market will respond. Even the people who loudly proclaim their love of meat and tell me how delicious cows are – I think animal abuse probably makes them uncomfortable too, and they’d rather see it not happen. 
Animal abuse by factory farm workers is the norm. Numerous recorded videos show workers beating animals, breaking body parts, and even raping animals with objects. For fun.

Animal abuse by factory farm workers is a well-documented industry standard. Numerous videos show workers beating, hitting, shocking, breaking body parts, smashing skulls, and even raping animals with objects for entertainment.

These are strong feelings that I almost never put out in the world, especially in writing. Beause I’m afraid I’ll turn you off. I’m afraid my passion will be mistaken for fanaticism or judgement. And there’s always the glass house. I know there’s many truths I’ve yet to confront. Many things I do or products I buy that are causing harm, and I haven’t taken the time to learn about them yet. Or I choose to ignore them. So if there’s something you’re passionate about – something you feel isn’t right that we could be doing differently – tell me! I know what it’s like to care so much about a single issue. Let me be the first mind you change today. 
I promise my next posts will tell you what I’m actually up to. And they won’t be this heavy :)  

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