Vegan Winter

I may not know exactly what I’ll be doing this winter….but I do know I won’t be freezing like I was last year.  

Some winter preparation sans the wool, down, and leather.

 (Still looking for boots that aren’t hideous. Suggestions?)

VeganWinterFaux-Fur Scarf – Nordstrom // Boot Socks – Free People // All-over Lotion – Honest // Winter Hat – Free People // Faux-Fur Earmuffs – Anthropologie // Wonderfelt Coat – Vaute Couture

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CraveBowl Logo + a Fire

Hi!  Quick update on the project I’m working on. My goal is to launch a vegan meal delivery service. The name is going to be CraveBowl and I finally picked a logo. What do you think of it?  What looks like an arrow is a modified symbol for “grain” from ancient times, and the shape… 

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This is how dairy cows spend their entire lives in factory farms - before they're prematurely killed.


Oh Hello!    I’m back already. No, I didn’t give up on my food business if that’s what you’re thinking. (And I hope you’re not!)  But I got messages from a bunch of people encouraging me not to stop blogging for various reasons. I don’t have time to do the recipe testing, food photography, and… 

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HELLO!  And GOODBYE!    This is my last blog post for a while. And I guess if all works out, ever. (At least here anyway!)    Writing this blog has brought me so much happiness over the past couple of years.  I kind of learned how to cook, met some faraway vegans that I consider… 

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Black Bean Balls w/ Avocado Cilantro Sauce

Black Bean Balls with Avocado-Cilantro Sauce

  Today’s post includes a giveaway from Wholly Guacamole.  They provided me with some avocados, free of charge, for a cooking competition I entered. All opinions are my own.  (Contest Closed!) ————- I entered a Vegan Ball competition two weekends ago, which is exactly what you’re thinking it is. As long as you’re thinking that… 

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